How to achieve a stylish bathroom

The bathroom is usually the smallest room of the house, and often the most neglected in terms of decor. However, it is the place where we relax after a day of tensions and burdens, so take care every detail is essential for an environment in which to unwind.

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With creativity and a few clever ideas you can make even the smallest bathroom meets all the features you expect. Today we will give you a few tips to get you, yes, without losing the style.

Neutral colors

When decorating your bathroom not only show your personality and tastes, but you create a space to relax and enjoy. Therefore ideally bets by a base of neutral colors, like beige, white and, whether it's a wide open space, black or grey.


For bathing is not a boring space, you must enter notes of color through textiles. With a neutral base of Fund, it will be very easy to guess the combination. And thanks to the textile, you can change the look of your bathroom a super way economic.

Colors and Scents

Yes, you'll have to find the harmony of colors, shapes and patterns and change depending on time of year. So, white or blue are ideal for winter, while the prints floral for spring will be great. In summer, opt for maritime motifs and autumn by ocher and earth. It is also very important that you consider the aromas, which should be fresh, clean, citrus or marine.

Bath instead of shower

Finally, we recommend that if you have enough space, you'll probably go for a bath instead of a shower. Soon it will become your corner favorite of the house to relax.

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