Mosaic tile

One of the liveliest characteristics of mosaic tile is it's shape. Whether you choose a circular design, strips, or hexagon tile, you will add visual stimulation to the room. There is also a great selection of specialty mosaics with interesting design schemes. If you want a really contemporary look, choose a more unique shape. For traditional spaces, the basic circles, squares, or hexagons will make a lovely addition.

  • Colors

With mosaic tile, you have a great selection when it comes to color. You can go with a monochromatic style if you do not want the focus of the room to be on the floor. Use a colorful mosaic for your backsplash tile to spice up the kitchen or incorporate your favorite shades onto your floors and walls with beautiful mosaic tile.

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  • Materials

You can find mosaics in natural stone, glass, and ceramic tile. Based on your style and maintenance preferences, choose the material that works the best for you. Glass tiles can be cleaned easily, but they do not do well in high-traffic areas. Natural stone tile needs to be cleaned well because dirt, sand, and grit can leave scratches behind. As long as you use the right cleaning products, ceramic tile is easy to maintain. Ask about how to care for each material at your Nashville tile store to find the ideal material for your mosaic.

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